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 Gods and Monsters- Aladdin's Audition

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Aladdin al-Rashid


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PostSubject: Gods and Monsters- Aladdin's Audition   Fri Jun 20, 2014 4:18 am

“No! No, please!” A tanned skinned woman cried as one man held her back, while the other took her baby from her arms. A young boy, of only three years, gripped at his mother's skirts, before he too was pulled away from her.

“Momma!” The boy cried out, as he was roughly taken from his mother. He tried reaching out for her, but the man holding him kept a tight grip on him. He watched as the tears fell from his mother's eyes as she struggled more against the man, so she could get her children back.

“Now, now, Maria, your husband knew the price of falling off the radar and marrying you. There is no need for tears, after all, I am only collecting that price.” A man in a suit said, stroking Maria's cheek as she shook in terror.

“Not my children, please! I'll do anything!” She begged, as the tears poured from her eyes.

“Yes... you will, won't you?” The man stared at her for a moment, before turning and walking back to the two men that were holding the children. “Kill her.”

A gun shot rang in the air as the boy cried out for his mother. He watched as his mother fell to the ground, blood seeping out of her clothes. He called out her name again, urging her to get back up.

“Maria!” The boy's head snapped around at the voice.

“Daddy!” He called, as his father ran to his mother's side. The boy watched as his father held his mother for a moment, before looking up at the man who ordered the kill, with murder in his eyes.

“I'll kill you for this!” His father ran up and grabbed the man in the suit by the labels of his suit. “She was innocent! She knew nothing!” He growled in the man's face.

“This is your own doing, Cassim. You knew the price.” The man looked unnerved by Cassim's reaction to him. “Officers!” He called, having noticed the sounds of sirens. Two officers appeared down the entrance of the alley. “This man killed this woman in cold blood! Arrest him!”

“No!” Cassim was grabbed before he could try to get away.

“Daddy!” The boy called again, seeing the police grab at his father.

“Aladdin! Take care of your sister!” Cassim ordered, before being pushed inside the back of the police car.

“Now... let's go home, shall we?” The man in the suit gave Aladdin a cruel grin, before grabbing him by the throat.

A young man sat up quickly in his bed, holding a gun up. He breathed heavily as his wide brown eyes searched the room. His naked body was covered in sweat as he felt a chill go through him.

“Aladdin?” He relaxed at the sound of the soft voice next to him in bed. He lowered his arm holding the gun to his lap.

He shook his head. “Just... just a nightmare... go back to sleep...” He felt a hand guide him back down onto the mattress.

“Was it that one again?” He watched as a woman with long, wavy blonde hair leaned over him, covering him partly with her hair. He looked away from her violet blue eyes, answering her question with a simple movement. He closed his eyes as he felt her kiss his forehead.

He vaguely noticed when she slipped the gun out of his hand. “He can't hurt you or Jasmine anymore...” She reminded, softly, as she leaned across him to place the gun on the nightstand.

Aladdin reached up and sneaked a kiss on her collar bone, earning a little glare from the blonde. “I know, I made sure of that myself.” He said, with a cocky smirk, as he grabbed her hips, before flipping them over on the bed.

The blonde let out a huff. “You're supposed to be going back to sleep.” She stated, as she folded her arms over her bare chest as best as she could.

“Like I can sleep after that. I need comforting, Odette.” He stated, as he leaned down and started kissing her neck.

Odette rolled her eyes. “You know I only have a few more hours left that I can be here.”

“And that is why we should be awake and enjoying each others' company before you're forced to go back.”

“You're aggravating.”

“And yet you love me anyways.”

She hummed a little in response, before he kissed her on the lips.


As he walked through the halls, he ignored the sounds of moans and other sounds from the doors he passed. He walked with a purpose, clearly annoyed. He stopped at a door as it opened. He openly glared at the blonde teenager who had a smug and relieved look on his face.

When he looked up, he sent Aladdin a smug wink. “Hey, Jas, thanks again for the great time.” He said, looking smug as Aladdin's glare grew darker.

“Come back anytime, Zak.” The tan skinned woman said, coming up to the door in her robe. She looked surprised when she saw Aladdin. “Al?”

Zak snickered a little before walking away. “Will do, Jas.” He walked down the hall, whistling a happy tune.

Jasmine sighed as Aladdin turned to look at her. “Get in here...” She mumbled, turning out the light for the hall by her door, letting others know she was no longer “in”.

Aladdin walked past her as he came into her workplace. “I thought you were off today.” He said, bitterly, as he turned back to her.

Jasmine closed the door. “Al, I got called in; it was an important client-”

“Zak Sinclair is an important client?”

Jasmine rolled her eyes. “Someone before him, Al.”

Aladdin rolled his eyes right back. “Jas, here...” He tossed her a small package. He looked away as she hastily caught it. She looked at him confused, before opening it.

He glanced at her when he heard her gasp a little. “Oh... the earrings I wanted...” She said, softly.

“...Happy birthday.” He told her, softly, but still holding some bitterness in his voice.

She froze a little. “...Oh... Al, I can't believe...” She sighed. “We were going to spend the day together...” She said, softly, looking down at the ground.

“You don't have to keep doing this, you know that.” She looked a little dejected at his words.

“Look, I'm still off tomorrow... if you're not busy, then we can celebrate then...” A sigh left him when she dodged the topic.

“...I'll let you know.” He told her, moving to walk past her and leave.

He felt her grab his shoulder, making him pause in his step. “Aladdin, please, don't leave like this...” The pleading in her voice made him sag in defeat.

“Jasmine, you didn't call to tell me that our plans had been canceled... That kind of hurts, sis.” He looked back at her, letting her see the hurt in his eyes.

She wrapped her arms around him in a hug. “I know... I'm sorry...”

He hugged her back. “Just... call me next time, all right? I didn't know if anything happened to you...”

They jumped when someone suddenly knocked on the door. “Al-Rashid, come on, we gotta get moving.”

Aladdin growled a little at the voice. “Yeah, yeah, I'm coming!” He called, before turning back to Jasmine with a sigh. “Look, I gotta go.”

“...I hate that you're working for Whitemore...”

Aladdin gave a hallow chuckle. “Yeah, well, you know it's the best way to keep us, meaning you,” he tapped her on the nose. “safe; some people still hold a grudge to our dad's name...” He sighed again, before kissing on the forehead. “I'll call you.”

As he turned to leave, she hugged him once more. “Stay safe...”

He smiled softly at his younger sister. “I will...”

“Love you, Al...”

“Love you too, Jas...” And with that, he was out the door, leaving Jasmine with her new earrings and an empty room.

Word Count: 1358
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Gods and Monsters- Aladdin's Audition
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