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 Be good boy and you will be paid

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Noah Pendragon


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PostSubject: Be good boy and you will be paid   Thu Jun 19, 2014 1:23 pm

Hauru liked laughing at Noah, the cop might be his host he did not like very much him and making him suffer was in his objectives. Although Noah ignored everything of his doublepersonalities, knew him everything. Noah was married has his work, so he was hard for him to meet people, furthermore be gay especially in the police was not very easy and the detective felt alone. Hauru was going to play this feeling. He had heard about a male prostitute who took quite the customers and who could do, he had asked to meet him. He waited for him in a bar and when the arriv√Ęt male prostitute Hauru went to meet him/her.

" You have to be connor, come am I "

He settled down at a table and invited the boy to do the same.

" You want to drink? "
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Be good boy and you will be paid
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