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 Amalthea Thompson

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Amalthea Thompson


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PostSubject: Amalthea Thompson   Mon Jun 16, 2014 3:55 pm

Full Name:
Amalthea Thompson

Snow White


Silver Tongued: Ama has a way with words was that lures most people in, she is deceptively charming and innocent looking makes people think their getting a better deal while she gets them hooked.


Drug Dealer for the Duster Gang / Shopkeeper Front

- Deep Hatred towards the Moriarti family
- Calculative
- Highly-Intelligent
- Recovering Alcoholic
- Clinically Depressed
- Charming and Sociable when she needs to be

Ama was a street kid almost her entire life, in and out of foster homes till she turned 18. Tossed out with nothing to her name and no where to go that is until she met a man, Lier Thompson, a drug dealer and enforcer for the Duster Gang. The two had a passionate wonderful life, sure it was of crime but to Ama it was a  fairy tale she even helped him peddle off his stuff to the community. They were happily married a year later and never stopped loving one another.

Then war between the gangs got bad, Lier got caught in the crossfire of a shoot out. His body left on the street for others to see. When he passed away Ama withdrew into a spiral nearly drank herself to death until she decided she wanted even. It took a lot of work but she knew the clients, knew the growers and the peddlers.... so it was a logical choice to have her take over Lier's position as a dealer. She sold her proverbial soul for the chance to one day find her husbands killer and return the favor.

Now she takes advantage of the weak minded and down trodden giving them the drugs to make all their pain go away so long as they pay for it that is. She runs her drug den in the basement of her shop, not asking or telling what brings her customers in. Letting people come and go as they please through her little hobby shop keeping cops out through a series of lies and codes.


She got the nickname 'Snow White' because of the fact most of her sales are from cocaine and her hair is as white as cocaine itself (for those of you who don't know, snow is actually another word for cocaine)

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Zippy Zeno Xenos


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PostSubject: Re: Amalthea Thompson   Wed Jun 18, 2014 11:56 am

Hey, Did you want plot? I will.
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Amalthea Thompson
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