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 Vanessa Villareal

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Vanessa Villareal


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PostSubject: Vanessa Villareal   Wed Jun 18, 2014 5:30 pm

Full Name: Vanessa Villareal

Alias(es): Vanessa

Age: 29 (soon to be 30)

Skills: Bartending

Occupation: Bartender(the kind that sit and listen and smile but pull out a shotgun when you pull a knife XD

Personality: Vanessa is very polite and very cordial. she's not a violent person and all she wants is to keep her daughter safe. She's playfully sarcastic and will always try her best to lift your mood. She avoids confrontations as much as possible. She'll try to resolve them as nonviolently as possible.

History: Vanessa started school early and skipped a grade. (the second) She got into college at age 17 and took out a student loan. She then got pregnant but had no money to pay her student loan. She turned to Korso who loaned her the money to pay for her loan and money to take care of her daughter. The loan wasn't really secret I guess? But it's not like anyone knows either? Lol I don't know!
She is soon to be evicted from her home.
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Vanessa Villareal
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