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 We're Empty [Hogarth's Audition]

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Hogarth Hughes


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PostSubject: We're Empty [Hogarth's Audition]   Wed Jun 18, 2014 11:09 am

Hogarth yawned as he walked tiredly into his house, tucking away his house keys as he stepped inside. The young brunette tugged his shoes off at the entrance before he walked onto the carpet, a habit more than anything form back in the days when his mom had been well and would scold him if he walked in the house with his shoes on. Next, he shrugged off his backpack and his coat, hanging the latter up on the rack before lugging the former with him through the one story house.

He dropped the item in his room, the first door on the right in the hallway beyond the living room, before venturing further towards another door. He knocked softly, listening for nay sound at all. When none came, he opened it to peek inside the dark room. The first thing he saw was the shape of a queen sized bed, and within it a lump buried beneath the quilts. “Mom?” he called out softly, walking further into the room and letting the hallway light shine through.

The lump didn’t stir as he walked towards it, but it was a normal sight for the boy to witness. And as usually, he merely reached for the blanket and pulled it back. What greeted him was the sleeping face of his mother, her face pale from lack of sunlight and bags heavy on her eyes despite the fact all she did was sleep. Raising his hand up, Hogarth gently shook his mother awake, smiling softly as blue eyes looked at him. “Hey mom. I’m home from school.”

It took a moment before recognition registered on his mother’s face, and she gave a hum of acknowledgement. “Did you sleep ok?” Another hum was all he got. “Did you eat anything?” He didn’t really need to ask, he could see the untouched bowl of soup he left her before going to school that morning. But still he asked, mostly hoping that she would actually say something rather than hum or ignore him altogether. Something she was doing now as she starred into space, a haunted look in her eyes. “Come on mom, you gotta eat something.”

He placed his hands under her shoulders and began to help her sit up, his voice coaxing her to help him as he wasn’t quite strong enough to do it entirely on his own. It took some time, but he was able to get her to cooperate, her body moving like a puppet on strings. Did that make him the puppeteer?

“There we go. Now let’s get that soup in you Mom. Gotta eat to keep up your strength.” Hogarth reached for the bowl, stirring it lightly before lifting up a spoonful and bringing it towards her mouth. Blue eyes watched as she ate it mechanically, as if it was just her body on auto pilot and not of her own doing. It broke his heart to see it. He fed her a few more spoonfuls before he reached for a glass of water he had left for her as well, also untouched, and brought it to her lips. Some of the water leaked out of her placid mouth and the boy was quick to grab a napkin and wipe it away.

When she managed to eat about half of the bowl, Hogarth then began to coax her to stand up. “Let’s get you cleaned up Mom.” A grunt as all he got as she slowly stood up, leaning against him as if she couldn’t stand on her own. “There we go. One step at a time.” he said gently, guiding her towards the bathroom connected to her room. He struggled a little bit to get the door open without causing his mother to fall to the ground, but once he got it open he did his best to hurry her inside. He sat her down upon the toilet before moving towards the tub and turning the water on.

When the temperature was just right, he plugged the tub up so that the water would rise before turning around to help his mother undress. His eyes looked to the walls and floor as best as they could as he did this, trying to give her some privacy in it all despite how many times he had to do this for her. At least she still managed to use the toilet by herself whenever she needed to. It was one blessing during the whole affair.

Once undressed, Hogarth guided her to the tub and managed to get her inside before he stopped the water as it finished filling. The boy let his mind drift away to things he had to do later as he bathed her, anything to distract himself from the task he was performing. To let him forget that he had to see his mother naked and help her do what should have been basic human functions. It was a lot for an eleven year old do to, and to have been doing so the past year. But she needed him, and it was the least he could do after she took care of him those first ten years.

He just wished she got better soon.
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We're Empty [Hogarth's Audition]
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