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 Character Profile: Joseph Korso-Moriarti {WIP}

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Joseph Korso-Moriarti

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PostSubject: Character Profile: Joseph Korso-Moriarti {WIP}   Wed Jun 18, 2014 2:43 am

Full name: Joseph Korso-Moriarti

Age: 47 (Daughter: Cinderella (age: 19))

Alias(es): Korso Moriarti

Occupation: Mobster Boss of the Moriarti Gang

Skills: Shooting, killing, drinking.

Personality traits: Has anger issues when it comes to idiots and those who think they can control him. He likes being in charge and will knock people down if he feels they are trying to take over. He's shoot first and ask questions later type of guy. If you are useless to him, he will drop you. His gang is his family and he looks out for them, but make a move against him, and you're gone. His loving side is reserved for those he considers “blood family”; his daughter, Jessica, and Annie. He loves drinking with the guys and having a ball. He'll kill anyone that is a threat to his family.

History: WIP

Extra: In his spare time, he writes
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Vanessa Villareal


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PostSubject: Re: Character Profile: Joseph Korso-Moriarti {WIP}   Wed Jun 18, 2014 11:50 pm

XD I love the extra He writes. Does he write poetry?
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Character Profile: Joseph Korso-Moriarti {WIP}
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