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 Chico Errando Fernando

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Chico Errando Fernando


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PostSubject: Chico Errando Fernando    Tue Jun 17, 2014 6:46 pm

 Full name: Chico Errando Fernando
Age: 32
Your role: Musician/supplier
Personality traits: cool, calm and collected. Always needs to have the  upper hand in any situation. Indulges, a romanticist.
Any special talents/skills: Obtaining foreign supplies, Holding business meetings, knows how to talk his way in and out of any situation.  Gaining public influence, pianist and other various instruments
Bio:Chico is an immigrant from Cuba. In Cuba, Chico was a struggling pianist. Who fell in love with a local singer. Much to his dismay he found out she was held a big money debt to the biggest drug lord in all of Cuba. Feeling young and invisible with love at his side. He was going to earn her love by helping her pay off the bill. He persuaded his friend to help him get a job in the same club as her. Knowing that he would double as a drug mule to make more money. When it was found out that he spoke decent English. The news was spread to the higher ups and they used him to make a deal with the Moriarti gang. Moriarti not wanting to deal with the back and forth translation chatter. Brought Chico to work for him as the main drug supplier to get drugs from Cuba to Attica city. In the united states doubling as a famous musician at the Tip Top club . Afraid for his loves safety. Chico went with the deal.
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Chico Errando Fernando
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