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 Zipporah Zenobia Xenos {WIP}

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Zippy Zeno Xenos


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PostSubject: Zipporah Zenobia Xenos {WIP}   Tue Jun 17, 2014 4:18 pm

Name: Zipporah Zenobia Xenos

Zippy Zeno
RahRah RahBia
Rah-Bia Yah-Blind

Relatives: Zekel-Khan Xerxes Xenos (father)

Age: just turned 21 !

Occupation: ~Private Investigator (for the public), Private Mercenary for Hire (and for Khalid), Actress

Personality Traits: Loyal, Kind, Caring, Informative, precise, Treats people with equality, dignity, and respect. Studies her victims beforehand. Is a woman of her own right and mind. The only known to say 'no' to Whitmore and not get in trouble for it. Seems to the only good girl "angel" that wants what right, even if it goes against the mobs, police, and gangs.

Special talents/skills: ~uses rifles, mostly snipers or poisons for her victims
~knows how to fight using swords, blades, daggers, and knives
~uses fighting styles of: Jujutsu, Monkey Fist, Capoeira,
~exercises are: Ballet, Yoga, and Tai-Chi

History: Will Add Later

Extra: Loves Coloring, Crafting, and playing Russian Ruolette. She seem to cling to childish way that work for her. Very adaptable to most things. Never smoked, drank except for champagne or wine appropriately.
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Zipporah Zenobia Xenos {WIP}
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