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 Furtive {Loki's Audition}

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PostSubject: Furtive {Loki's Audition}   Tue Jun 17, 2014 4:08 pm

Screams and pleading could be heard coming from the dark and abandoned alley, along with someone cursing and spitting out meaningless threats at whoever who was getting a merciless beating. The punches stopped for a few seconds, allowing the poor man to breathe and try to talk again. After some failed attempts at getting him to spill whatever information the gang thought he had, and only receiving more crying and pathetic pleading, the leader seemed to have had enough. With a nod, one of the men lifted his crowbar and brought it down full force on the terrified man’s head, earning a loud crack in return and painting the already dark stained alleyway redder.
Ouch, the young, fragile looking teen thought as he watched the bloody scene unfold, smirking amused to himself. Though crowd.
He sat there in complete silence, hidden amongst the shadows and out of sight. He titled his head, green eyes following the trail of blood past his feet. With a bored sigh he checked the time, as if the painful and choked cries went unheard by him. Time’s up, he thought as sirens suddenly started to ring, drawing close to their spot in the forgotten back alley. The men immediately stopped beating up the half-dead man and wasted no time in getting out of there. Barely after the last one had rounded the corner, the teen stepped out into the small light that reached, calmly walking up to the battered, barely conscious man on cold ground. Heavy, rasping breathing could be heard as he tried to inhale and failed. The moment his blurry vision took in the old and well used sneakers, he chocked again, forcing his eyes to fearfully look up at the teen. Even with one eye swollen and bleeding, there was no mistake who this boy was, even for someone in his condition.
..L-Loki….” He spit out, gritting his teeth as he stared at him with mix of fear and raw hate. The teen’s smirk widened at this, titling his head slightly as he joyfully took in the dying man’s condition. “So you did remember me after all,” he grinned, kneeling down and resting his elbows on his knees. He didn’t appear to be in any hurry as the sirens drew nearer, warning for the soon arrival of the cops. “Because it sure didn’t seem like you did an hour ago, you know, when you threatened me instead of paying up,” Loki mused, referring to when he had ‘kindly’ appeared out of nowhere and ask for the money the man owned the gang, and instead having grabbed the teen’s thin arm in a death grip. He would have a big, ugly bruise there now for a week at least. Loki fished out a small paper envelope from his hoodie, waving it in front of the man’s face tauntingly. At this, the man’s one good eye widened in shock once he realized what the teen was holding, and made a weak attempt reaching for it. Loki chuckled and put the envelope back under his hoodie as he stood up, easily kicking away the hand outstretched towards him. “Well, guess you deserved this for being stupid enough to borrow money from the wrong people,” he sighed, pulling his hood up and hiding his face completely from view. He turned his head to the side as he heard cars roll in around the corner, quickly followed by screams and orders to drop their weapons, and then gunshots. He sighed, turning back to stare down at the moron on the ground.
This got slightly uglier than I anticipated, he thought with a pout and stepped on the man’s back, hearing something crack as he did so and grinned when the man gave out another cry. Well he was done for tonight, better get going before he’d get shot too. He had gotten the money, found more info for old grouchy ass, and gotten rid of those wannabes by leading the cops right to them. He deserved some relaxing and fun time now. He mentally gave himself a pat on the shoulder, jumping once more on the man before running off. He had known that moron would die the moment he had dared step foot inside Sinners and Saints Casino. Naïve people like that who judge people by once appearances only didn’t last long after all. And besides, the man had dared roam his ugly eyes all over his sis and call her a whore. He got what was coming to him.


“Kids like you shouldn’t play around this part of town.”
“Or be out this late. Your mom knows you’re out, brat?”
Loki almost rolled his eyes at the overused insults, as usual not caring the slightest what those sluts said. Ok, so perhaps they had a point, and he never really blamed anyone for mistaking him for a 10-12 year old kid. He was small for his age, scrawny looking and for sure underweight. Even if he never showed it though, the childish insults did annoy him to some extent. He simply sighed, waiting patiently while the two prostitutes kept teasing him. They finally backed off a little when another voice cut in, and left as a tanned girl stepped between them and shooed them away. Loki gave her his typical grin, the one that rarely meant any good. “I take it the gossip I shared with you helped then,” Jasmine snorted amused, starting to get used to the teen’s wicked smiles and odd ways. “Dare I ask what happened to those guys?”
Loki faked an evil laugh, the one you’d hear in kids cartoon and which only made Jasmine roll her eyes. “They won’t be coming back here for a while, that’s for sure,” he shrugged, suddenly all calm and serious looking. The girl raised an uncertain eyebrow at that. “What did you do?”
The teen shrugged again, placing his hands inside his worm out jeans pockets. “Nothing,” he said blankly. “Just let the cops find them. I got the scoop I needed and then had them out of them way for being useless. Barely had to lift a finger,” he finished with a proud smirk.
“So basically you stalked them,” she stated, earning an excited grin from the small boy. She sighed. “Well since you’re back here… Where you hoping for some more gossip?” she smiled, giving him a playful wink. “I’ve got about 5 minutes break before next costumer,” she said while giving a man who passing them seductive smile. “I need you out of my hair before you scare them all off,” she teased. Loki faked a hurt expression, before winking at another guy who was looking their way and who quickly stepped back in surprise. “Please, we all know my cute face is the one drawing them here~” Jasmine laughed and shoved him away gently. The teen just smiled, readjusting his hood before facing her again. “Anyway, I wanted to ask…”


Attica City was sure known for its high crime rate, drug dealing, prostitution and all that other good stuff the police tried so hard to get control over. But none one could really deny that when it came to pretty ladies and entertainment, this rotten little city had the best. Not only where many pretty to look at, but most of them actually had talent. And one of the most successful in this profession was no doubt Loki’s guardian and older sister. Jessica Lannister, a woman with the ‘whole package’ one could say. He knew he was adorable and all, but still hadn’t been able to fully understand why she of all people had taken him in. He was a brat after all, someone who lived for trouble, pranked others daily, selfish and cold towards most. He had decided to just be thankful though and not question his luck, and just enjoy it all while it lasted instead. He smiled slightly to himself as he looked up at the scene where his ‘sis’ currently was preforming, everyone else too busy either drooling over her or being jealous. As he made his way over to the bar he caught some of those cheap woman whisper about Jessica being a ‘slut’ and ‘sellout’, and how everything about her was fake. Too caught up in their little jealous rage and shit-talking, they failed completely to notice the young teen brush past them, or when their wallets slipped out from their purses. Close by, another man was trying to squeeze through the crowd with both hands occupied holding drinks, and when Loki passed him the teen held out his foot, making the man fall over and spill the drinks all over the two women. He didn’t stop and just kept on walking with a satisfied grin on his face as he heard the two starting to cry and whine about their dresses being ruined, very soon causing a small yet typical commotion where cursing and fists soon got involved. He chuckled under his breathe, quietly sneaking behind the bar when everyone was too focused on the fight that had erupted out of nowhere. Quickly finding the special stock with the stronger and finer alcohol, he grinned in triumph and started to reach for it. But before his fingers had time to even brush against the bottle, a hand suddenly grabbed him by the head, freezing his movements entirely. A few awkward seconds passed, and Loki didn’t need to hear that sweetly frightening voice to know who had just caught him red handed. The hand sternly indicated for him to turn around, and just as he suspected he came to face with one of the few people who could make HIM uncomfortable, Annie Hughes. She was smiling down at him, looking all sweet and innocent, while he was standing there and feeling smaller than he already was, glancing away with a nervous pout. “Do I even need to ask what you were trying to steal?” she asked, still smiling and with her hands on her hips, but her eyes was daring him to say the wrong thing. He just kept on pouting, looking for some sort of escape. Last time he pissed this woman off he was bedridden for WEEKS, due to a stomach ache or something of the sort… He learned his lesson; do NOT mess with her because she’s an assassin, but because she’s an expertise in the field of poisons. And then she had this look, where you’d feel petrified if you stared at them for too long. And her smile… He held back a shudder. That sweet fake smile of hers when she in fact was annoyed or even worse… Pissed off! He really couldn’t understand how so many failed to see the real EVIL side of Annie. Maybe that’s why he sort of looked up to her.
“I just got lost amongst the fat people,” he mumbled, making sure she’d notice his promise of revenge in his eyes. Annie didn’t seem bothered, or worried (which most people would’ve) just happy enough that the little prankster wouldn’t try and sneak away with alcohol. God knows what kind of chaos he’d bring when drunk. So with a genuine smile this time (which seem to alert Loki even more) she ruffled up his hair and went back to work. The teen let out a sigh of relief, running a hand through his messed up hair with a grumble. Well at least he’d never be bored with her around.
Quickly turning his head as he spotted another familiar face, he silently walked over to the other bar tender, the one not only known for his sarcastic and indifferent attitude towards everyone (except for Annie, seriously what is it with that woman?!) but also for his uncanny drug business. Dean Mccoppin, coffee addict and drug dealer, you wanted the best he was your guy. Apparently Dean had been witness to the whole thing that had just happened and had been expecting for the little troublemaker to bother him next. Loki smirked at man, enjoying the irritation clearly visible in his eyes as they had one of their usual stare downs. He titled his head innocently. “Well?” he smiled, delighted in the twitch Dean’s brow made. “Got anything for me?”
He scoffed, wordlessly taking orders from nagging customers. “What makes you think I’d give you any if she just-“
“Not alcohol, coffee bean,” Loki interrupted, not sounding so playful anymore, even when using that annoying nickname he’d given the unamused man.
Dean stared down at the boy in silence, gaze hard and cold as he took in the small and weak form of the prankster. He offhandedly told someone behind him to shut up when they shouted out more orders, and then gestured for Loki to follow him. The teen was smiling again, looking all happy and dandy as if nothing had just happened as he obediently followed the drug dealer out of sight from the crowd. “Only because I owe you, and for getting you out of my hair for a while,” Dean grumbled when tossing a small plastic bag at him, which Loki caught without difficulty. He didn’t say anything as Dean walked past him and back to the bar, not even when he warned him about not taking more than one pill before going to bed, or else he might not wake up again. Loki chuckled to himself, hiding it inside his pockets as he leaned against the cool wall. “That would be peaceful wouldn’t it?”


“Miloooo, my bro!”
“Not in the mood for your childish antics now brat.”
“Ouch, such harsh words… Hurting my feelings man.”
“You don’t have ‘feelings’.”
“Only for you, love~”
The 24 year old glared at the youngster, who wasn’t faced at all apparently by the murderous look the Moriarti consigliere was giving him. Milo rubbed his head after a staring contest he knew was meaningless and a waste of his time. He, like the rest who was well acquainted with the little trickster and spy for Korso, knew it was near impossible to make him stop being so god damn annoying and just let people be. He was so tempted to just shoot the brat in the head at times, but scaring him off with warning shots didn’t work as good as he wanted to. Working under Korso and being around Smith a lot has apparently made Loki more used to guns and threats than he should be ok with. It would be no surprise really, if he’d end up dead with a couple of bullets through his head one day.
“Can’t you bother someone else tonight?” he sighed instead, trying to put some distance between him the teen who suddenly thought it be a good idea to invade his personal space. Loki just kept smirking up at Milo, clearly enjoying being a leech in the eye. It was just so damn easy and funny to tease this guy. And Loki liked the fact Milo Thatch was smart enough to have un-boring conversations with, maybe a little naïve and oblivious at times, but fun nonetheless. And they were both bookworms, dudes like them HAD to stick together, whether Milo liked it or not.  “Nope, no one else is as easy as you,” Loki winked, grinning wickedly.
“Fuck off.”
“Sure, let’s get to it~”
Loki gave out a surprised yelp when suddenly being yanked off of Milo, by someone grabbing hold of his cheek.  Milo let out a sigh of relief and gave the redheaded woman a thankful look before continuing on his way now that he had his chance. Meanwhile, Loki was pouting up at the kill-joy, trying to ignore the sting on his now red cheek. His cheeks have always been overly sensitive, something that his dear sister here never hesitated to take advantage off.  “Don’t be such a baby, dear,” Jessica said with blank look, patting his red cheek gently before starting to walk. He mumbled something under his breath as he followed after her, keeping his pout in place as they made their way through the streets. Again, he didn’t bother saying much, just muttered something about her always ruining his fun or whatever. He came to a sudden halt however when the woman blocked his way, making them both stop walking. He raised an eyebrow as he looked up and met her stern gaze, waiting patiently. “What happened to your arm?”
He mentally cursed, once again forgetting just how observant Jessica could be sometimes, especially when it concerned him. “Relax Red, it’s just a bruise-“
He trailed off at her strict and disapproving look, and let out an exhausted sigh instead. Why bother lying when she already knew how dangerous his little ‘errands’ he did for Korso, her lover, was? It was part of the job after all. Loki was good in what he did, but luck had part of it too and one day he’d run out of it. And there was the fact that he kept on sticking his nose into business that the big guy hadn’t even asked him to do, exposing himself to even more and unnecessary danger. Like he had earlier before. Being the intelligent and observant woman she is, Jessica had probably figured that out. The teen just sighed again, rolling his eyes as he started to walk again like nothing.
He froze at the name and felt guilt start to grow in the pit of his stomach. She only ever called him by his real name whenever she was really pissed off at him or in real serious situations. He bit his lip for a moment, waiting for Jessica to catch up to him and felt her warm hand on his shoulder, gentle and comforting. It was funny how he himself felt so weird whenever his real name was used, having grown just as used to his ‘nickname’ like everyone else who knew him. Barely anyone aside from Jessica knew it anyway.
“At least try and be careful,” she finally said with a sigh, sounding tired and gave his shoulder a pat and continued on her way, Loki closely behind.
“So, you’re on the way to your little pet then?” he asked casually after a quiet moment, earning a light scowl from his company. “Ok sorry, the big ‘Teddy Bear’ then.”
Jessica raised an eyebrow at this. “That’s your latest nickname for Korso, huh,” she chuckled with a small smile. Even after all the nagging and whining about disliking the Moritati leader, Jessica had learned early that the moment Loki gave someone a nickname it was proof he liked the person, at least to some extent. “Why ‘Teddy Bear’?” she asked simply, smiling as they drew nearer to their destination. “Because that’s what he is underneath all those muscles and evil looking shell of his. Especially with his daughter,” he stated, grinning a little to himself as he thought about something else. “Though if I’ll ever have a daughter myself I’d probably try and spoil her rotten too.”


Loki smiled fondly down at the sleeping girl after having tucked her in, allowing his fingers to brush away a few strands of red hair from her face.  Ariel was really way too cute to be working as a maid, (though she’d for sure look good in one of those ‘maid-outfits’… hehe) even when she made a fool of herself she was nothing but adorable to look at. Like a couple of hours before, when he had sneaked inside the mansion through a locked window (yay for lock picking!) and found her dancing around on her own, clearly lost in her own little fantasy world. She hadn’t even heard Jessica knock on the door until after he had joined in on the dance and woken her up from her daydream. One of the things he liked so much about Ariel, was her imagination, it was part of her charm.  He didn’t exactly blame the people who thought he ruined things for her whenever he dragged her into his little misadventures and pranks, or as Milo put it once, ‘tainting her’. Those accusations either amused him or simply didn’t bother him. Ariel deserved to relax and enjoy life too once in a while, especially since she exhausted herself way too much already. It wouldn’t surprise him if she had more work than most of the spineless servants in this household.
He held back a chuckle as he thought back on their little prank she had joined him on earlier. Nothing to big this time though, seeing as she had already then barely been awake. He was proud of his ‘Little Red’, hardworking and accepting, caring when she really had no reason to waste her time over him. Like Jessica, Ariel was someone else he’d hate to worry, so just because he couldn’t sleep didn’t mean he’d keep her well-deserved rest from her all the time. It’s not that he kept secrets from her, he talked about anything and anytime with her about even the stuff she had no interest in knowing, he just didn’t mention other things. Speaking of sleep…
He clenched his fist around the little ‘gift’ he received from Dean before in his pocket, dropping his smile completely for once. He’ll just save these for another time, he didn’t feel like sleeping tonight either after all.
With that in thought, he left the servant's quarters without making a sound, leaving the same way he had entered the mansion before. If he found Ariel half-awake the next day while working, he’ll rub the head maid’s clothes in rosehip.


“You know, my door works perfectly fine too.”
Loki just grinned at the other well-known troublemaker, probably the only one who could keep up with him or even do worse. “I’m drawn to windows, you know that Jimbo,” Loki shrugged offhandedly, inviting himself in as he jumped down from the windowsill and inside his childhood friend’s house. Jim didn’t seem too bothered by the fact the smaller teen had turned up so early in the morning when even the sun hadn’t risen yet. He just simply gave a shrug, not really caring and watched as Loki threw himself down on the couch. He leaned against the wall, giving the smaller of the two a flat look and waited as Loki made himself comfortable. And just as he suspected, Loki gave him his typical grin full of mischief as he held up a small bag. “I brought drinks~,” he said excitedly.
Thanks to Ariel, Loki added in his mind. Jim returned the grin and snatched the bag from the other’s hand, ignoring the whining ‘hey’ from him while taking out a bottle. “This is some heavy stuff,” his friend nodded in approval. “Where and how’d you get this?”
Loki just smiled smugly, leaning his back against the old couch. “A pro never reveals his secrets,” he winked, looking so very proud and full of himself.
“So you stole it.”
Loki’s infamous pout was back in place. “You don’t sound impressed. Kneel and thank me instead you amateur.”
“I’m the one who taught you stuff remember,“ Jim pointed out, ignoring the pout as well without problem.
“Yeah, but I surpassed you.”
“Only dream when you’re asleep.”
And then they had a stare off for a couple of seconds. “So, wanna get wasted and spit on by-passers from the roof?” Loki said with an innocent looking smile, one that Jim had learned not to trust from a long time ago.
“Just admit that you felt lonely instead,” Jim rolled his eyes, already on his way out with the bag full of alcohol, Loki quickly following after.
“Watch out Attica City, the Dastardly Duo are at it again!” he sang dramatically, and started to hum on the Shark theme song. Jim raised an eyebrow at his smaller friend.
“Who the fuck came up with that name?”
“You did, last time we got wasted,” Loki smiled happily. “Catchy, eh?”
“You know you love it.”
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Furtive {Loki's Audition}
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