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 Cassim Harun Al-Rashid

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Cassim al-Rashid


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PostSubject: Cassim Harun Al-Rashid   Tue Jun 17, 2014 4:01 pm

Full name: Cassim Harun Al-Rashid
Age: 52
Your role: Restaurant critic/ assassin
Personality traits: Clever, hardened, strict, perfectionist. Distant, doesn't understand sarcasm. Can be a little demeaning to others in the way he talks. Observant, talkative.
Any special talents/skills: Hacking, Eidetic memory, tracking people, falsifying evidence, poison knowledge, various torture methods

Cassim worked under the Moriarti brigade of assassins. He was always warned about having another life outside of "The norm". But love pulled him in a different direction and gave him a family with two kids, Jasmin and Aladdin. When his big secret was found out. He was punished by being framed for the death of his wife. His kids naturally being taken away by the same system set up by Frollo to put him away for ten years. During his time he slowly lost his anger and gave into a state of down trodden. As he figured there was nothing he could do but make a normal life in society. Getting a career as a restaurant critic. His main goal was to find his kids. Though he decided to this by first trusting in the police. Trying to stay within the lines of normal society. At the same time fighting urges to start doing things from his past life. While trying to find his kids.
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Cecelia Riddick


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PostSubject: Re: Cassim Harun Al-Rashid   Sat Jun 21, 2014 12:21 am

hmm, he's interesting, I like him! He might know some things about Cecelia's dad, as her dad was also an assassin who left for love. maybe Cassim ran into her dad a few times and knows about his past?
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Cassim Harun Al-Rashid
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