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 Have You Seen This Girl [Noah]

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Pip Thumbe

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PostSubject: Have You Seen This Girl [Noah]   Thu Jul 09, 2015 6:54 pm

Pip couldn't have kept the disdain from his face as his feet carried him through the dank city streets. Why Lena would rather roam these dingy alleys than be at home with her family. He would make sure she never left again once he found her, but for now he would have to suffer this dreadful city to do so.

Walking into the police station with her picture clutched in his hands and a sense of disgust. If he felt he could find her without help, he'd keep the cops out of it. They asked too many questions, not that he was unconfined in his ability to build the lie, he'd just rather avoid the law.

Stepping over a spilled pile of papers he approached the desk and looked around for a clerk of some kind. He began to get annoyed when there was nobody there.
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Noah Pendragon


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PostSubject: Re: Have You Seen This Girl [Noah]   Sat Jul 11, 2015 9:24 am

This morning it's not Noah who come to the police station, Hauru take his place for now. Noah was to tired and his spirit was just less strong than Hauru. Hauru was an good actor so nobody saw his game. He waited than the poste was empty and he goes search the file concerning his murders, for see what the police have on him. But he hears someone who comes, he sighed and leave for welcoming the strangers.

He smile to him like if he was sorry for his abscence.

"Sorry for the pending sir, like you see we are in reduced workforce. How can I help you ?"

He wish this boy will not stay too long, he's good for kill people, not for help them.
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Have You Seen This Girl [Noah]
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