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 A Day at the Office (tags: Open to Everyone!)

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Meg Stacey


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PostSubject: A Day at the Office (tags: Open to Everyone!)   Fri Jun 19, 2015 5:13 pm

Meg stared at her screen as if not really seeing what was on her monitor. She was tired from not having had much sleep the night before and it showed. Her hands moved to grab her now cold cup of coffee as she took a sip. She could probably clock out early but Meg knew that she probably should stay. The police department needed not only her but everyone working hard to bring in the bad guys. Meg stretched wincing as her still injured arm protested against the movement. Even though it had been two months, she was still wearing a sling. It made her job harder as she only had one hand to type with. Meg couldn't wait for the day when she would finally be able to take off the sling. Of course she would have to do physical therapy for a month after the sling came off. However for now she would have to deal with the sling, she made a face at the thought.
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A Day at the Office (tags: Open to Everyone!)
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