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 Katenka Alkaev

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Katenka Alkaev

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PostSubject: Katenka Alkaev   Wed Jun 10, 2015 8:32 pm

Name: Katenka “Kata” Alkaev

Age: 28

Role: Owner and manager of the Peaceful Oak Hotel

Personality: hard-ass mega-bitch, takes no nonsense and enjoys holding power over others. She’s not stupid, she knows when to suck up to the mob-bosses and cops, but if you try anything in her hotel that even slightly smells like murder or rape or what-have-you, she will not hesitate to either call the cops or take matters into her own hands. You can do that sort of thing-for a much higher cost. She comes across as a bit of a party girl and greedy elitist, but Katenka does have a heart. Sort of. She knows what it’s like to not be accepted by people and will be kinder to those who are struggling being different. She loves going to the strip clubs and what-not and pays well.

History: Katenka is the oldest child in an immigrant family, her father a wealthy Russian hotel business man and her mother a socialite. Though Katenka could have wanted for nothing, she opted to be like her father and go into the hotel business, being a very bright young woman. She kept her sexuality a secret from her traditional parents and only her brother Lennie knew about it. Until she turned twenty, that is, and then bid her parents goodbye and cheerfully told them that she was going to open a hotel in Attica City, she was a lesbian, and while she loved them very much (hence opting not to have secrets between them) completely understood if they disowned her given their views. She hasn’t spoken to her parents since.

With money she saved up, Katenka opened a hotel, which over time has expanded and grown. Katenka thrives on the chaos of Attica City and does well for herself. She has an off-again, on-again girlfriend named Melanie, who is a stripper. Recently, while playing a little ‘joke’ on someone at the gala (where she lost jewels from her grandmother, her only link to her family. She is understandably upset), she met Terry. While not the biggest fan of his lifestyle, Katenka has become somewhat friends with him, given his feelings for Milo and Conner.

She recently got a pet squirrel as a gift from a fling and the thing, Chaka, has become a constant companion for her.

Other: She can be pretty abrasive, but tries to show some civility, especially when the people are high-paying and seem the good sort. She dotes on her squirrel even though she'll deny it. Absolutely loves spicy food and hot black coffee

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Katenka Alkaev
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