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 Francis Barton

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Francis Barton

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PostSubject: Francis Barton   Wed Jun 10, 2015 4:05 pm

Full Name: Francis Barton

Alias(es): Barton, just Barton! Call him Francis and you’ll get a bleeding nose!

Age: 16

Skills: Barton possesses very keen eyesight, and his accuracy is virtually unerring. He has near-perfect precision with any aimed or thrown weapon. For the most he prefers to use cold weapons, such as bow and arrows or slingshot; but his ability is extended also to guns and other firearms, even if he had never used one before.
Quite athletic, with very good reflexes and agility; however he is not a big threat when it comes to fights, preferring to avoid combats if possible.
The accident that caused the death of his parents sightly damaged his hearing, leaving him almost deafened. He’s 20% deaf: he can still hear almost normally, except whispers and other kind of mild sounds. However he knows how to read lips, so it’s not a big deal after all.

Occupation: street boy / future reporter

Personality: Curious and with a thing for investigations, Barton follows one simple rule: trust no one. He believes only to what he directly see and hear and he has always to confirm the rumors he has heard of.
Most of the time Barton acts as he has the situation in his hands, giving at least the idea that he knows what he’s up to even if he doesn’t. Impulsive, he always acts before thinking ending always in bad situations.
Even if he acts like a tough one, deep deep Barton is in reality a soft one, not able to say no when you ask him something. He gets really awkward when the conversation is brought to themes like sex or girls in general.

History: Barton’s parents were two reporters. Always out for work and looking for the most burning issue, however they always found time to stay with their son. They were a happy family, more or less, always keeping separated their work with their private life.
Their latest case was about corruption, something that involved the police and probably both of the mafia’s families. A dangerous case that would have brought in bankruptcy a lot of people, if they managed to find all their dirty secrets. They received a lot of blackmails and threats, however that didn’t stop them.
Everything changed when the ‘accident’ happened: his parents were coming home from work, putting the car in the garage as usual and Francis, who was 8, was going to greet them; when suddenly everything was on fire: someone had placed a time bomb in their cars, killing his parents instantly and leaving him seriously hurt. After a few months of investigation, their ‘accident’ was covered up and forgotten, while Francis was sent to the Westbrooke Orphanage since there were no other family members alive.
He didn’t really know what happened to his parents till 8 years after the accident, when a colleague of his parents showed up in the orphanage giving him what remained of their work, before disappearing and never returning back. At that point all he had to do was to continue their work where they stopped and in that way bring the truth out, so to have his revenge.

- he has no memory when it comes to numbers or names, in fact he has to write down almost everything. Instead he’ll always remember a face
- Barton always carries with him a block notes and a pen -you never know-
- he dreams to become a reporter like his parents and work for the most important newspapers, time to time -to get some money- he writes little articles for little newspapers using a pseudonym
- he has bought a camera in the pawn shop
- he can’t swim
- he doesn’t hold alcohol at all
- even if he despises to stay in the orphanage, it’s the only place he can call home at the moment. So if you’re looking for him try at the Westbrooke Orphanage, he may be there if he’s not around looking for information

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Francis Barton
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