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 Akhesa Khâlid (WIP)

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Akhesa Khâlid


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PostSubject: Akhesa Khâlid (WIP)   Tue Jun 17, 2014 12:36 pm

Full Name: Akhesa Khâlid

Alias(es): ...
[Open for suggestions]

Age: 22

Skills:  She is a very smart girl with a photographic memory. When it comes to knowledge, analyzing and researching she is a master but she lacks in social skills.

Occupation: Right hand/better half of the Boss of the Khâlid's Gang

Personality: She is rather quite and cold towards people. Pretty much the only exception is Ramses to whom she fully opens up. Akhesa is as well ultra-possessive as over-protective when it comes to her big brother who is the most important thing in her life she´d do anthing for. That´s also why she hardly never leaves his side.

History: Akhesa was born as a heir of Setis the cruel leader and founder of the Khâlid Gang. In her earlier years she and her brother Ramses lived quite happily but with the years passing by their family situation got worse and worse. Especially her mother had to suffer a lot and one day she disappeared, suspected to be murdered by enemies of Setis. From that time Akhesas father turned into a monster for her and to gain power he even set his daughter up as a trophe. A treasure that was ment to be selled of as a bride for the one most likely to fullfill Setis desire of power and revenge for his wife. To prevent a forced marriage to happen to his beloved sister Ramses turned against his father and the young lion destroyed the cobra. From that day on her brother was like a god and also the only important thing left in the world for Akhesa .Now, the two of them are the leaders of the Khâlid Gang and no one will stop them.

Extra: She never even dated someone before.
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Akhesa Khâlid (WIP)
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