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 Crysta Fae

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Crysta Fae

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PostSubject: Crysta Fae   Fri Jun 05, 2015 12:05 pm

Full Name: Crysta Alexandria Fae

Alias(es): None.

Age: 20

Personality: Crysta is a mostly confident, bubbly and flirty young woman, however even she has her moments of weakness. She can be stubborn, mean and rude if you catch her in a bad mood or situation. It is not often that she is serious though, unless stressed.

Occupation: Out of a job, previously a barmaid.

Skills: Can mix cocktails, Can pick up on conversations quite easily (and uses this skill to eavesdrop),  Has a fair knowledge of guns and can shoot on target pretty well,  Excellent balance (for climbing to reach stock)

History: Having grown up in Attica her whole life, Crysta is by no means a novice to the dirt and grime it holds. However, for most of her life she kept her nose (mostly) clean, wanting to stay away from all that crap. But needs must, as hey say, and when money was tight and things a little desperate, she was offered her body in exchange for the cash to get her by. It only happened once, but word seems to get around, much to her annoyance.
It wasn't long before it affected her work, she'd find herself snapping at paying customers for even saying something flirty. Of course, this resulted in her being out of a job and struggling.

Her hair never stays down, no matter how she washes, brushes, straightens, conditions, hairsprays...you get the picture. UNLESS of course if it is wet.
She was taught about guns by her mother.
Her eyes sometimes change from a bright green to a turquoise colour.
She looks a LOT younger than her age, often said to look just 14.

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Crysta Fae
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