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 Sweater Weather [Loki]

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PostSubject: Re: Sweater Weather [Loki]   Mon Jun 29, 2015 12:24 pm

(ooc: no worries hun <3)

Loki closed his eyes again as their foreheads touched, inhaling softly and just enjoying their closeness. It felt like home, almost. Comforting. Just for a moment, Loki wasn't some runaway hiding from his past, not an annoying brat no one could stand having around... Just him, sitting in there in the rain with a strom raging on around him. But he wasn't alone.
He oepned his eyes at Lena's words, getting an uneasy feeling that she understood this more than he knew. While he may have ahd his supisions already, that didn't mean it sat well with him. "My old man wasn't.. a bad person," he continued, leaning more forward until he had his forehead resting ontop of her shoulder instead. "Not always anyway. But then again, he was certain I wasn't his kid." He chuckled, wondering if his 'beloved' father still belived him to be a bastard as he took his last breathe.
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Lena Thumbe


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PostSubject: Re: Sweater Weather [Loki]   Tue Jun 30, 2015 7:51 pm

Her lips parted in surprise as Loki's head gently dropped to her shoulder. She rested her cheek against his head, her eyes on the nape of his neck, where his wet hair still had water trickling down. She lifted her hand again to stroke his damp hair from his face. "I don't think anyone is bad..." Lena breathed slowly, the words filling her chest, like a mantra she had said over and over. "Not really, they just... aren't really good either."  Here in the dark, she uttered those words, like she had uttered them a thousand times before in the dark, with arms around her not quite as gentle as the ones around her now, not quite as broken as she was and he was. There is a kinship in festering wounds and hidden smiles, in half truths and a sense of knowing without ever being told. And Lena knew, she felt it deep in her gut, the unwanted feeling of bile rising, never knowing what was true, what was fake, what was right or wrong or drunkenness or lies. People wanted to be good, she knew this because she wanted to be good. But she was not good.

Somewhere in the dark city, it seemed to stir again, noise returned as ever so slowly, light creeped back in. Window by window, block by block. The thunder rumbled away as well, but the rain continued to pour, like music on the rooftop, the only soundtrack they needed. But Lena held Loki a little tighter, her eyes welling, not yet ready to let go of this moment. Not ready to smile again yet. She buried her face in Loki's neck, her hand clutching his hoodie for dear life, even with the handkerchief balled up in her fist. "Don't leave me, okay?" she choked.
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Sweater Weather [Loki]
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