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 This girl is on fire

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Noah Pendragon


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PostSubject: This girl is on fire   Wed Aug 20, 2014 4:28 pm

Howl had followed the young woman, being careful to not be seen. She walked without a care about the fate which he was booked. She turned down an alley, narrow, any sensible woman would have avoided the blond followed his footsteps sefaisant hear in this narrow lane, on this cold night. He quickened his pace and soon found himself behind her.

"Excuse me miss"

She would then return and could only feel the knife in his neck, he turned back and then pulled the blade removing the weapon, a jet of blood splattering the wall, the plnata back to various vital points for the kill quickly but painfully. He did not want to get caught. The body of the pretty blonde fell to the ground, he took pictures with his phone to prove to his employer that the work was done. The assassin, wiped his knife in a handkerchief he would allow the ground, no luck finding footprints he had gloves, as always, he turned to leave the lifeless body here when a noise made ​​him stop. Without prevent he pointed a gun with silencer Disorder made​​. A young woman, has tanned skin, a striking beauty.

"Why beautiful women they must always meet me at the wrong time? Sorry, honey, but I never leave evidence of my work."

He walked toward her, the gun is pointed at pretty face, which soon will be stained red.
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This girl is on fire
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