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 Robbing the fancy restaurant (TAG: Noah)

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PostSubject: Robbing the fancy restaurant (TAG: Noah)   Tue Jul 15, 2014 11:29 pm

The street was already empty, there were no cars passing by and only a few of them where parked infringing of the restaurant. Nani waited on the parallel alley as she thought about the easiest way in to the luxury place. She could enter by the little window that faced the alley on the side of the restaurant, or maybe use the hidden fire scape that was on the roof of the kitchen. Se took out her phone from her bang and with a glimpse she watched the time, it was already 4 am. Time to go in.

At last she opted for the window that let her into the women's room. When she landed there she took her time to take out her favorite knife and slowly she entered to the main room of the restaurant. She could see the cashing machine laying over a bar but she knew the real money was locked on a safe box. She jumped over the bar and started looking around. When she found nothing there she moved to the kitchen and after realizing it was pointless (and getting her bagpack full of food), she moved to the door that read office on it. Se sighed and started picking on the lock. Se finished in less than two minutes and when she entered she wasted no time in searching. She was so focused she didn't notice when the door closed leaving her locked inside the office.
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Robbing the fancy restaurant (TAG: Noah)
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