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 A cheater illusionist (OPEN)

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Coplin P.


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PostSubject: A cheater illusionist (OPEN)   Sun Jul 13, 2014 4:00 pm

Coplin entered to the Casino with a huge smile on his face. He was wearing his civil clothes and without his mask he sort of felt naked but he was ale to manage it. He had 20 dollars inside his pocket, some cards under his sleeve and a couple of good mathematic tactics to fool everyone at the poker table. He changed his money and went to one of the poker tables where he saw the younger players. He let a pretty woman win the first game but in no time he was collecting almost his two thousands dollars in coins. He rested on his seat as he tried to decide if he should keep playing or leave with his money and go to get a beer on his way home.
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Zekel-Khan Xerxes Xenos


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PostSubject: Re: A cheater illusionist (OPEN)   Tue Jul 22, 2014 12:25 am

Zekel walked into the Casino and surveyed the area. He had pull out a nice big cigar to start smoking on. He was dressed in a rather nice red suit. He was doing calculations in his head and trying to decide what game it would hit of first. A man at the poker tables with a young group caught his eyes. And the young gentleman seemed to be giving the youngster a run for their money. Zekel walked over to the poker table and joined the. He had $50 on him, but he only used $10 to bet up everyone. He only let the girls beat his hand, would call out the boys, and would raise Coplin when he had the chance. So of course he had no problem of catching up to Coplin in $2,000 in change. "So, are you new around these parts, sir? Cause your hand seems to be slipping around there." He asked, looking directly at Coplin, casting out some witting banter.
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A cheater illusionist (OPEN)
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