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 (Bio) Coplin P.

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Coplin P.


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PostSubject: (Bio) Coplin P.    Sun Jul 13, 2014 11:56 am

Full Name: Unknown by everyone

Alias(es): Coplin P. (nobody knows what the P stands for)

Age: 28 years old

Skills:  He is smart, knows how to hack, to break into the places and all the secret passages of the city. Also, he is good with guns and knives even though he isn´t strong so he leaves the heavy work to the person bellow him. He is good at tricking people and has some illusionist´s skills.

Occupation: Leader of the Court of Miracles, a group of gypsies that kill, steal and torture when they are paid for it.

Personality: He is a character. Coplin was his only way to make himself a reputation when he got to Atlantic City so he represents just that, a clown and a show off. He liked making jokes, fooling around and making sarcastic comments but that is just to distract. In the inside he is angry and has no moral when it is about job. He can be cruel and brute just like he can be kind and flirtatious. He is protective towards woman and animals.

History: He wasn´t born as a gypsy but his parents used to travel a lot. His father was a comedian so since he was a child he learned to live in the show business. He liked dressing up and imitated his father whenever he had an opportunity. He followed his father until he turned 18, after that he went to study scenic arts in L.A.  Two years later his parents died in a car accident leave him alone and homeless.

As he tried to survive he created Coplin, a clown that entertained people just to make them easy targets to steal from them later. As he became better he started getting subordinates but he didn’t have a steady group under his commands until he helped a group of gypsies get away from some cops. After that they invited him to follow them to Atlantic City where they offered him a big chance of getting easy money. When he got to Atlantic City he was 24 years old.

At Atlantic City he managed to adapt and with Coplin as a mask, he felt protected and almost invincible. He became the leader of the gang and started working for rich people to do the nasty job they didn’t want to do.


·         He is bisexual

·         Speaks Spanish, French and English

·         He always carries a little puppet he calls Little me and they usually fight

·         He is a good singer and dancer
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(Bio) Coplin P.
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