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 Character Mixes?

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Lena Thumbe


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PostSubject: Character Mixes?    Fri Jul 11, 2014 8:59 pm

I know theres been talk in the cbox of playlists for characters and couples and such but was wondering if anyone had any theyd like to share? :3

I made one for Angel, http://8tracks.com/boxfairy-351/angel-tunt-character-mix

Am working on one for Lena but its a bit harder cos frankly I'm listening to music that would suit Angel better lately XD but whenever I do come across something that fits I add it to hers. Smile

Edit: trawled my music folder (which is kinda an extreme task xD) and finished it off Smile http://8tracks.com/boxfairy-351/lena-thumbe-character-mix
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Character Mixes?
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