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 (Character Profile} - Odette Salvatare

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Odette Salvatare


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PostSubject: (Character Profile} - Odette Salvatare   Tue Jun 17, 2014 2:21 am

My secret friend
Oh take me to the river
My secret friend
So we can swim forever

You have loved
You were not alone
You have braved the weather
When the storm cut you to the bone
There was always shelter


NAME- Odette Anna Salvatare
AGE- 20
OCCUPATION Escort/Information broker/getter for Korso
RELATIONSHIP STATUS- In a secret relationship with Aladdin, Jasmine's brother.

Odette can seduce and convince anyone to do what she wants to do. She can even get evidence back. She has a way of making things disappear. Sometimes in the bed room, and sometimes in a dark alley. Also she is skilled in getting any information she wants.

Odette is a very serious type of gal. She takes her job seriously, and tries her best to never screw up. Her personality is never the same when she goes to work. She could be anyone the target likes. Which means every time there is a mission she is someone new every time. You want a high strong girl? You got that. You want the innocent, pure, can do nothing wrong girl? You also got that. Want a seductive vixen? Oh, you got that. 

But her true personality is:

Odette is very honest and blunt, she will never sugar coat things for that is weakness in her eyes. Why tell someone they did a good job when they screwed up the entire mission? No, she would make sure to tell other's faults and tell them to get back in line and get better. The only times where she won't be blunt is when she is in the presence of Korso. Due to she has a dirty little secret.

She is in love with Aladdin, a man who is a enemy of Korso. And now the girl who use to make little to no mistakes, is now making a lot of mistakes to keep Aladdin safe.

Coming soon.

Extra -
Coming soon..
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(Character Profile} - Odette Salvatare
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