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 What A Night

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Sara Delgado


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PostSubject: What A Night   Mon Jul 07, 2014 11:11 pm

“Did you hear me?!”

She heard him. Hell, the whole city heard him! Sara adjusted her purse strap on her shoulder, one hand inside wrapped around what could be her only chance if that guy kept insisting. Donald had already thrown him out when he got too rowdy during her last dance. Apparently he hadn’t gotten the clue and waited outside the back door for her. She hadn’t paused to tell him off. He kept propositioning her, asking her for favors that fell outside her job description and her comfort zone.

“I’m a stripper, not a hooker. You want that, you go to Gomorrah.” She told him firmly, backing up to the back door. She needed to get Donald.

“Don’t you fucking tell me what to do bitch!” the man howled, swaying in the moonlight. “You’re all the same! Don’t pretend like you’re some kinda Virgin Mary!”

“I said no you fucking idiot!” Sara screeched.

The man’s eyes widened and he bared his teeth. Before she knew it, his fist was colliding with her cheek. She steadied herself against the wall, but he grabbed her and started hitting her again and again. He pushed her onto the ground and kept wailing on her. Between hits, Sara’s hand inched towards her purse. ‘Come on, come on…’

When her fingers found the cool metal, she kneed the guy in the crotch and was relieved to hear him scream in pain. Not waiting for him to recover, she sank the knife into his neck.

“You should’ve listened.” Sara said calmly.

The man tried to speak but only blood come out of his mouth. Sara yanked her knife out and watched him twitch on the ground as she stood. When he stilled, she quietly gathered her things and went back inside. Donald would take care of the body. He'd done it for Dimitri and Cale a couple of times.

What a night.
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What A Night
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