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 Vaaaaacation is all I ever waaaaaanteeed~!

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Ariel Russo


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PostSubject: Vaaaaacation is all I ever waaaaaanteeed~!   Fri Jul 04, 2014 3:21 am

I know I just got my computer back, buut we are going out of town on the 10th to Oklahoma :3 we'll be gone awhile and before the trip, I won't be on much, gotta get ready for the long trip X3

Hubby has family in Oklahoma that I haven't gotten to meet yet, they weren't able to make the wedding back in 2012, so, here's my chance to meet them :3

Not bringing any computers, can't risk my new baby again <333 We're going to have fun and go to a water park and just let all our cares go...

We've had waaaay too much stress go on this past week.. we need this vacation...

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Vaaaaacation is all I ever waaaaaanteeed~!
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