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 Lian Bonfamille Desrosier

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Lian Bonfamille Desrosier


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PostSubject: Lian Bonfamille Desrosier   Wed Jul 02, 2014 1:20 pm

Full name: Lian Bonfamille Desrosier

Alias(es): ‘Prince’ A nickname that he was used to be called by his family. This surprisingly returned once he had gotten older charming people with his personality.  

Age: 19

Special talents/skills:  A decent martial arts expert due to his parents on wanting their son to know of how to defend himself. Has been known to have a memorizing singing voice, although he keeps it to himself most of the time.
Your role: The grandson of Mayor Adelaide Bonfamille, and the heir to the Desrosier family.

Personality traits: All in all, Lian is a total sweetheart, who just loves a sense of adventure or exploration. Pretty much innocent when it comes to the dark world of Attica city, although he does have common sense of the tempting traits of the darkness such as prostitution and the mafia. He has been noted to be understanding of others, not judging the person by which side they were on. Good or bad, since he knew that everyone had their own reasons. Doesn't imprint someone as evil or good until he gets to know them and their story. Lian is quite an eager, delighted person at meeting others and befriending them. Takes a lot to ruffle his feathers, since Lian isn't the kind of person who gets mad easily. A bit oblivious to some things, such as flirting. Very kind hearted person.

History: Lian was born in France to the Desrosier family, being the only child so he was spoiled rotten. But he was taught and learned to not being clouded by selfish desires, so he never assumed the occasional role of a spoiled brat. He has lived in France for most of his life, often known as a young adventurous male who was kind and charming to everyone who crossed paths with him. This caused him to become very popular among the males and females, resulting in his childhood name to become once again a nickname for him.  But he never did care much about flirting around with others, his sole goal was to have adventurous, harmless fun, explore new places and things, and meet new people.

He’s currently residing in Attica city with his grandmother, the Mayor, due to reasons of wanting to spend quality time with his grandmother and see the city that she was in control of.  But the main reason to why he was here was due to having a marriage proposal forced upon him by a young French woman, her family, and his family. This young woman had manipulated both her parents as well as his to come up with a marriage between her and Lian. Making them believe that it would do good for both families for various reasons.  A proposal that Lian flat out refused, having had already meeting the girl and taking no interest in someone like her. She was the kind of person who wasn’t appreciative of what she received and acted very much like a spoiled brat. Throughout a couple of months of being stressed out by her and the families, Lian had wrote a letter to his grandmother, wishing to come visit her in Attica city for a couple of months which she had gladly agreed to. Has parents had given in also when he had told them of wanting some space to think about the proposal and spend some well deserved quality time with his grandmother. But Lian hasn’t told them yet that he’s deciding to stay longer than a few months.

Bisexual and single for the time being. Also Lian is a mixture of French and Asian (pertaining to Thailand) His mother had been born in Thailand before being adopted by a wealthy French couple who took her back to France, where she would meet his father when they were older.
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Terry McGinnis


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PostSubject: Re: Lian Bonfamille Desrosier   Wed Jul 02, 2014 1:39 pm

HE'S SOO CUTE >////> mebbe he can meet Lir? I dunno where it'd go, but it would be interesting Smile

Cecelia would have fun talking martial arts with him if they met X)

I dunno if he and Terry will meet, but Terry would have the same opinion of him as of Eric: Must be protected or Attika will eat Lian whole.
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Lian Bonfamille Desrosier
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