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 The Rules [Please Read]

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Lyle Roarke

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PostSubject: The Rules [Please Read]   Thu May 29, 2014 12:11 am

1. No using other people's characters. You only control your own.

2. Use a posting order in topics with more than two characters.

3. Your characters are not all-knowing, all-seeing gods, so if they don't see, hear, or otherwise learn about an event through some means like the newspaper or radio, they won't know anything about it.

4. While there is room for character development, try to keep your character consistent. A cold blooded killer is not very likely to suddenly become a saint because they've seen someone they want to get jiggy with.

5. If anyone hasn't notified me or someone who can that they're unable to post due to real life circumstances within three months, the characters they have will either be killed off or given to someone who doesn't already have three characters.

6. Please respect your fellow RPers! If you have a disagreement, take it somewhere else and don't let it bleed into the RP itself.

7. Have fun! Very Happy
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The Rules [Please Read]
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