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 They Say You're On A Road Bound For Hell {Akima Audition}

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Akima Kagome


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PostSubject: They Say You're On A Road Bound For Hell {Akima Audition}   Fri Jun 27, 2014 10:08 pm

Akima flashed her supervising officer a grin, then checked herself. She was heading into one of the most dangerous cities ever, it probably wouldn't look that good to be grinning like the Cheshire Cat she was nicknamed for. She didn't need Greg to start questioning her ability to do this. If he thought she couldn't do it, he'd pull her from the case and she'd get stuck sniffing around Mafia ties to freaking Disneyland in Florida again. That thought alone was enough to take the smile from her face. Sweating around Florida while she kept one eye over her shoulder for old associates had not made for a fun six months.

"You're sure you can handle this one?" Greg asked, shuffling the papers in his hands. Akima had once remarked to the press that with the amount of times he shuffled those papers everyday he would be better of dealing cards in Las Vegas. He had put her on report for that one, though he had done it with the same obnoxious sibling tone she had when making the comment. His voice broke her from her thoughts. "I don't like the idea of sending you alone. Maybe AJ, or Gideon–"

"Sir," Akima interrupted. "With all due respect, you and I both know that Gideon doesn't have the skills for a one on one undercover mission. Attica-" Even the name sent shivers through her. "isn't a training ground. And AJ doesn't want to leave Florida. Besides, I'm the best undercover agent you have." Standing, she leaned in and held his gaze. "Sir, I know what I'm getting into. Send me."

Greg considered her for so long that she worried he would shut her down. Send her back to muggy Florida. Instead, he shut his eyes, shuffling the papers once more. "You know the Eastern Seaboard's Mafia's connections life the back of your hands. What about the West Coast?"

Settling back in her seat, Akima hooked one booted foot over the other. After nearly nine years, she had become the façade. Greg's words didn't even make her flinch. Of course she knew the East Coast's Mafia family's like the back of her hand. And the answer was that she was an FBI agent, not that she had once had backyard barbeques with most of their fathers. "Joseph Korso-Moriarti betrayed Preston Whitmore. Now that the police has escalated their presence, the two have formed a truce and the Mafia's taking over the city."

"And your job there?" Greg pressed.

Akima graced him with a one-shouldered shrug. "The higher-ups want to get a handle on the city. A metropolis full of thugs, killers and hookers isn't exactly installing hope and increasing tourism." Giving a small yawn, she quoted the oft heard sentiment from foreign news channels and the president's opponents. "If
American's can't fix their own God damned city, why does anyone think they can save anywhere else? You want me to go undercover as a cop to find the FBI's best angle towards taking down a Mafia Empire and ridding the city of dirty cops." She gave an elaborate roll of her eyes. "Bureaucracy."

Reaching for his coffee mug, Greg sighed at her, then sighed again when he discovered it was empty. Akima pushed her untouched mug towards him. He accepted with a grateful smile. "Only you could make see this like any other day of bureaucracy."

She flapped one hand. "My speciality. So do I get the folder or not?"

Greg rolled his eyes at her from over his coffee mug. "Take it."

Not bothering to suppress her grin this time, Akima grabbed the beige folder set apart from the others. It held so many files and reports that it barely fit into her hand.

She was halfway to the door before Greg spoke again. "Be careful out there. You call us, and we'll come running, you know that. Watch out for Preston and Korso-Moriarti. If they find out what you are-"

"This isn't my first prom, dad." She teased. She had been hiding exactly what she was her entire life. She was damn good at it by now. "I'll look out for spiked punch and boys trying to stick their hand up my shirt and their tongues down my throat. Don't worry so much." She gave him a sharp salute and left him shuffling his papers again.


The plane lifted off from Washington as the sun set. The silver contraption lifted through the layer of pink cloud in a matter of only seconds. The folder was laying heavy in her lap but Akima couldn't take her eyes from the window. This was the only time to fly. When she could see the clouds from this heavenly view, watch the sun paint the clouds. As the sunlight faded away, Akima forced herself to study the folder in her lap. She scanned the papers on Whitmore and Korso-Moriarti. Usual story, though Korso-Moriarti surviving and his Family taking off as it did was an interesting twist. She bet there had been a fair share of hitting the mattresses over that one.

Flipping over Whitmore's impressive list of dastardly deeds, she found herself looking at the picture of a grim-looking man. Not someone she would want to spend a lot of time with. She scanned for a name. Lyle T. Roarke. And occupation? Police Commissioner. Fuck. Why did she always get stuck with the ones who looked like laughing at a joke would kill them?

Though, she thought as she scanned his sheet, in Attica City, being Chief of Police and laughing at a joke might just wind up with you being dead. His sheet listed a hell of a lot of arrest of Mafia members. While most of the ones she recognized were from her days as an FBI agent, a few of them were names she had heard in the wind back in her youth.

She had almost managed to finish the file when the plane touched down. Attica wasn't served by national or international lines, so she would have time to finish it on the train ride over. She closed the file with a sigh. Attica City was a mess. What the media reported only touched on the anger roiling in the city's underground. She wasn't sure whether it was FBI training, her own Mafia roots or just the strange creature that she was, but she was beginning to feel that the only way to save the city was to raze it to the ground.
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They Say You're On A Road Bound For Hell {Akima Audition}
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