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 Just a Usual Day (Lir's Audition)

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Lir Moore


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PostSubject: Just a Usual Day (Lir's Audition)   Thu Jun 26, 2014 12:11 am

The boy was skinny, tall and had a mournful expression as he stood in the main office of Gomorrah, soaked to the skin from the rain outside. He stared at the manager as he shook under the cold of the air conditioner vent. The manager had no mercy and didn't offer the boy a seat or something that would make him warmer. Finally, there was a sigh.

"I swear to god, you desprates get younger and younger every month. What's your name, kid?" The boy, who hadn't fully shown his face under the mop of gold colored hair, darkened from the rain, licked barely visible lips before answering. "L-Lir. Lir Moore" Was the very faint reply. The manager raised their eyebrow. "Okay, 'Lir' what's a nice-seeming boy like you looking for a job in a place like this?" The boy looked up then, and the manager had to admit, when he was fully grown, he'd be rather attractive. It was the eyes. Deep blue and soulful and
huge. "I need money and somewhere partially stable. The gangs don't give me that and normal jobs don't pay nearly enough" "We don't take druggies" and Lir's eyes got even bigger. "I'm not one! But I need the money"

The manager sighed and rubbed their temples. "Okay, how old are you, kiddo?" The blue eyes dropped again. "...Fifteen..." Another sigh. "Okay, here's the deal kiddo. You could pass for someone older. We'll have you serve drinks and clean the rooms, okay? When you turn sixteen we'll start you out with one client, if you still want to do this by then. If you do well, we'll up the clients, kay?" The gratitude was heart-breaking.

With his boyish innocent look and the curly corn colored hair falling over gentle blue eyes, you'd never expect Lir Moore to be an experienced prostitute. He may have been innocent looking, but he was far from inexperienced in the bedroom. His body was thin and almost feline in his movements, especially with his clients.

The woman beneath him moaned and clung to his narrow back as he worked, the blue eyes half-lidded. He'd always been quiet during sex. From his first time with his first client, to now. The woman he was servicing more than made up for his lack of vocals. Eventually, she climaxed and their time was done. Lir waited till his client was recovered and had indicated he could dress, and then waited on the bed for her to finish and leave. You never, ever left before the client, it was a rule.

The woman came up to him and leaned down for a kiss, which he avoided by kissing her cheek and down her neck. He was pushed backwards with a laugh and he returned it, the kiss avoided and forgotten. "You're such a flirt, Lir!" He smiled at her. "I cannot help it, ma'am, you're so beautiful!" He always made an effort to compliment them and pretend he had some sort of emotional attachment to them. When his client left he sighed in relief, not really liking her at all. Or thinking she was beautiful, but middle-aged woman loved being complimented and made to feel like they were still young, so keeping the illusion was important.

After a hot shower he walked to the kitchen. He loved the kitchen, it was bustling with people but it was pretty calming to the prostitute. On the counter was the newspaper and Lir looked at it, curious. The front page made his usually gentle features twist into a sadistic and hate-filled smile. A picture of a rather prominent lawyer in Attica City was on the cover, Elijah Woodsley. Lir took a nearby knife and impaled the picture's face with it. "Have a good fucking day, dad" Thank god they looked nothing alike.

Lir left the knife quivering in the paper and the counter beyond that, and walked to the front. By the time he'd gotten there his face was smoothed back into it's usual gentleness, and his voice was once more soft and borderline shy. You'd never think anything had happened at all.
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Just a Usual Day (Lir's Audition)
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