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 Zekel-Khan Xerxes Xenos

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Zekel-Khan Xerxes Xenos


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PostSubject: Zekel-Khan Xerxes Xenos   Wed Jun 25, 2014 10:54 pm

Zekel Xerxes Xenos

Big Bad~Wolf


Zipporah Zenobia Xenos (Daughter)


Hitman for Khalid, Bodyguard (for Ramses from afar)

Personality Traits:
Loyal, Kind, Caring, Informative, Precise

Special talents/skills:
~knows how to fight, disarm, and use swords, blades, daggers, knives and firearms
~uses fighting styles of: Mix Martial Arts, Tai Shing Pek Kwar, Capoeira
~exercises are: Bodybuilding, Pilates, and Taoism
~Has extensive knowledge of the human body and can make hits look like medical problems

Tzekel and Setis (Ramses and Akhesas dad) somehow grew up together and they have been like brothers so Setis family adopted him into his family and taught him how to channel his anger into fighting. Then when he got old enough Khan became is one of the best a boxer, Kick boxer, and a MMA fighters with champion belts with Setis being his manager.
And later on with Tzekel being a fearful fighter, Setis gets the idea to found and start the Khalid gang together, with Setis being the Brains and Boss to the operation and Tzekel the muscles, Bodyguard and Underboss (second in command to the boss XD These are better positions XD), sometimes doing the dirty work of being a Hit-man, giving him the nickname of Khan (You know, Genghis Khan, cause he is that deadly a killer XD).
So the first day of Zipporah going to pre-school, they got home to find her mother kidnapped.
Khan trusts Tuya (Akhesas and Ramses mom) enough that he sent his kid to Setis place and moves in with him for about 3 years being the one making sure Zipporah is safe and gets everything she needs and well taking care of while trying to keep her from seeing her father drinking heavily and excessively for a year. Then he takes a year for being depressed and sobering up. And then he goes on a healing pilgrimage around the world and trains with Monks or something. Allowing for Akhesa and Zipporah to become like sisters.
Setis turns more and more into a monster ~Blah (I dropped off the face of the earth XD)
So with Setis being killed by Ramses before he gets back Tzeke decides to rejoin the the gang for vengeance and/or revenge for his wife, with Ramses by becoming a hit-man and gangster, which allows hims to start smoking excessively heavy and hard, because he misses Setis not knowing he was truning into a monster. And Akhesa with Zipporah being like sisters since they grew up together. Maybe Ramses can see that Tzekel torn by these things, of course still backsliding into smoking so he can get high and drinking till he is drunk and lets him go off on his own to find freedom, hoping that he stops he backsliding one day once he has gotten his revenge/vengeance, so Khan starts the assassin group and follow his own path but still working for the Khalid’s as a Hit-man, if they need someone to be killed and possibly looking over Ramses, like a Bodyguard from the shadows.


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Ramses Khâlid


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PostSubject: Re: Zekel-Khan Xerxes Xenos   Thu Jun 26, 2014 4:44 pm

I love your character so much *^*
Do you want to plot on a little something between our characters ? :3
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Zekel-Khan Xerxes Xenos
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