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 Richard B. Riddick

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Richard B. Riddick


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PostSubject: Richard B. Riddick   Tue Jun 24, 2014 11:56 pm

Full Name: Richard B. Riddick

Alias(s): Most commonly, Riddick. Black Wolf.

Age: 36

Skill(s) Riddick is an extremely skilled hand to hand fighter; his weapon of choice is a knife/dagger. He's pretty good with guns but he prefers not to use them because he likes the stealth kill approach.
Riddick is good at anticipating the enemy's next move as well as coming up with plans in a pinch.

Occupation: Escape convict, murderer.

Personality: Riddick has been described frequently as a psychopath. He has never shown any remorse for the murders he commits nor does he show much empathy for those around him.
He does care very deeply for his daughter Cecelia of whom he calls "Celes" and "Jonesy". He will do anything to keep her safe.
Riddick is also very flirtatious.

History:fifteen years ago, Richard Riddick was a skilled assassin known as the 'black wolf' He was known for taking out all of his targets swiftly and without mercy. One day, he tracked a target to Gomorrah and killed him in front of the woman who was servicing him-Mary Jones. Mary, instead of being intimidated by this, bawled Riddick out for not having the decency to at least wait till they were done and she got paid, and Riddick compensated her, and offered to buy her dinner. She accepted.

They got really close over the course of a year, and eventually Riddick got Mary out of Gomorrah, they moved to a small house, and Riddick went into hiding and retirement. His former boss wasn't too pleased with this and killed Mary when Cecelia was three, causing Riddick to take his daughter and move to another location. they've lived in this area until Cecelia was thirteen, and then Riddick's former boss found him again. Cecelia escaped, but Riddick got carted off by the former boss.

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Terry McGinnis


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PostSubject: Re: Richard B. Riddick   Wed Jun 25, 2014 12:13 am

8D YAY~! Cecelia's daddy! I don't know when you want Cecelia and Richard to reunite, but let's do it after a few more events, lol. mmm, I love him so much, he's so awesome here
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Richard B. Riddick
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