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 Pocahontas Hale

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Pocahontas Hale


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PostSubject: Pocahontas Hale   Tue Jun 24, 2014 9:37 pm

Pocahontas Ariana Hale

--------------------------------------- ♦ --------------------------------------
AGE: 30
OCCUPATION: Journalist/Reporter (Former drug lord)
ALIAS: Po (name used during her drug-lord days)


Excellent Communication/Writing Skills
Nurturing; very good with children
Observant/able to read people
Good actress

Pocahontas is a smart girl, and a caring person. She is incredibly persistent to find the truth and values honesty above all. A workaholic; she hates error. She sticks her nose into things she shouldn't, being awfully curious. In truth, Pocahontas is unstable and constantly paranoid; but hides it very well. She is actually very shy and reserved but always pushes herself out of her comfort zone and appears very extroverted. As well, she loves children more than adults and is very giving towards them.

Born in Attica City, she grew up in wealth. Both of her fathers were hotshot lawyers that closed all of their cases successfully. Everything was good until one day one of them was shot and murdered. Her other father fell into a deep depression and abused his daughter at times. Years melted and one day he checked into a room and was found days later, having committed suicide in the Ruby Red Motel. This left Pocahontas by herself at the age of 17, who went into the world of drugs to deal and sell to earn money back. For about 7 years she ran a successful business, but finally decided to do something with her life by going into journalism. Her writing and communication skills were well enough that she was hired on the spot even without a degree. Currently, she is an on-the-scene reporter for events in Attica City and occasionally fills in as a weatherwoman.

♦ Has episodes of paranoid schizophrenia due to her dealing days and abuse from father; believes someone is always out to get her.
♦ Carries a gun but doesn't know how to use it well.
♦ Dreams of becoming a social worker to help children with mental disorders and abusive families.
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Pocahontas Hale


Posts : 6
Join date : 2014-06-23

PostSubject: Re: Pocahontas Hale   Thu Jul 03, 2014 5:32 pm

Edited and completed Pocahontas's profile. Free to plot with if anybody is interested Smile
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Pocahontas Hale
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