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 No sugar [TAG: Belle]

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Dean Mccoppin


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PostSubject: No sugar [TAG: Belle]   Tue Jun 24, 2014 12:12 pm

The waitress’s smile was forced as she stood by the rude and grumpy man’s table, awaiting his order patiently. Said man was busy browsing through the newspaper however, and didn’t seem to pay the young girl any mind at first, until he shot her a tired glare.
“You know what I want, so stop wasting time and get to it,” he grumbled, making the girl jerk back slightly. Her brow twitched, she was trying so hard not to scowl glare back at their customer. It was true, everyone there pretty much knew the man always wanted the same, too bad he always had to act like a giant ass every time he stepped foot inside the cafe. He never bothered anyone really, as he always sat quietly in his own corner and enjoyed his coffee alone. He’d only spit out something mean or hurtful if someone ‘disturbed’ him, as he’d put it.
“Right, anything else you wanted…?”  she asked, trying to keep her cheerful mood up.
No,” he said curtly, not even looking at her this time. She sighed, giving up and went to fix the man his damn coffee.

Damn slow, Dean thought to himself, letting out a tired sigh as he turned a page in his paper. Compared to most of the people that been caught in that raid, Dean was fine, but he would refuse to back to that annoying work place for a while, or that other bar he sadly worked at.
He glanced up for a moment, and caught sight of a familiar brunette entering the café.
Oh, isn’t that Korso’s niece…?
The mere thought of that mad man made Dean want to slam his head, (or preferably someone else’s actually) down against the table. Korso still believed that he and Annie had something going on, and thought it’d be best to threaten Dean about it, or glare a hole through his head every time they ran into each other. Made him hope a little that Korso got hurt during the incident…  Almost.
He sighed again and went back to reading. Some damn vacation for sure will sit nice these weeks.
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No sugar [TAG: Belle]
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