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 Kida Desiree

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Kida Desiree


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PostSubject: Kida Desiree   Fri Jun 20, 2014 9:02 pm

Name: Kida Desiree

Alias(s): Desiree (stripper name)

Age: 25

Skills: Not the best fighter, but she can hold her own for about two moves XD. Great in bed, good lock-picker, flexible and light on her feet.

Personality: Kida likes to be quick with her business transactions. Most conversations she's quick to jump to the point for she doesn't like to waste time. She's friendly but she's the type you'd meet in the convenience store who jumps into your conversation with the cashier with a snarky one liner. xD She does take well to children because she likes to scare them out of doing things they shouldn't be; like drugs. Kida is secretly very fragile and often cries before she goes out to perform(and to sleep).

History: Kida was born in Paris and left when she was thirteen(much to her dismay). She dislikes America because she believes it's overrated. She actually has ill feelings towards the country because her father became addicted to amphetamines and her mother was killed in a car accident. She was left on her own at age fifteen at which age she had to strip at the local club for money. She herself soon became addicted to sleep agents for she had insomnia every night. She became clean at age twenty one but she's currently going on and off with alcohol and is tempting herself to start the drugs again. She hates her profession, and she truly despises having to be a prostitute. But she does enjoy the company of her co-worker even though outside of work she has no friends. *sad face* However, though she may not always keep a smile on her face she loves making jokes and tends to flirt with most men she meets.

Extra: She has an extremely faint accent, where you can only hear it in certain words she says. But when she speaks French her accent returns full throttle.
She's not well with names. Sometimes on purpose if it annoys you XD
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Kida Desiree
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