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 Elisa Maza, Chico Fernando, and Cassim Al-Rashid audition

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Cassim al-Rashid


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PostSubject: Elisa Maza, Chico Fernando, and Cassim Al-Rashid audition    Fri Jun 20, 2014 4:37 pm

Chico Errando Fernando, Eliza Caroline Maza, and Cassim Harun Al-Rashid. Three people who had never met. Were sitting in a alcohol anonymous meeting. None of them were alcoholics. Cassim in all his Fifty two years of living never put any sort of product with alcohol near his lips. They just needed some type format to release the stress. Someone to just vent to without any judgment. After going through the formalities and welcomes. The council decided to hear some confessions. The first one he called on out of the three was Chico. Chico stood up and walked to a skinny wooden podium. He fixed his loose shirt and coughed to gain his composure. He leaned on the podium with his elbows. Leaning over in a more relaxed way. "Hola, my name is Alexander Barge. My English is no very good, forgives me. I am how you say an alcoholic. I am an immigrant from Cuba, Where in my environment. It was normal to have a drink or two. When I really started to drink. It made me meet my wife and gave me, What I thought was a better world. I was a loser and the alcohol gave me a job and a better life. I am getting sick of this life though. The alcohol seemed like it was like god. It gave me good things and took good things away. And I'm too paranoid to let it go. I feel like I have too much to lose. I know I must stop the drinking. But apart of me is afraid that the reason I'm not quitting. Because I developed a love for it over my own amour. I need help, badly." Chico said through heaved breath and tears. Chico's alcohol was his tie in to the moriarti gang as a supplier. In Cuba, Chico was a local celebrity that played music in the clubs. On his day off he met a singer who caught his eye. Getting to know her, He realized she was involved with some dangerous gang activity. He had only stuck around because she had wanted out. But she owed the owner a great money debt. Chico had a friend named Romano that had done some work for the man who held the woman he loved captive. So he was able to make his way in as a delivery boy. Because of Chico's decent English skills. He had eventually upgraded from delivery boy to interpreter when they wanted to have business in America. When the meeting with the Whitmore gang took place. Mr Whitmore tired of having to talk to Chico and the Cuban gang leader. Mr moriarti asked if Chico could stay as a inside man. Agreeing to pay double and with that Chico agreed. Coming in as a foreign hit musician. The life had become a bit too much and he was just looking for an escape.

Eliza and Cassim looked at the man who introduced himself as Alexander Barge. Both could tell he was lying about being an alcoholic. But whatever the alcohol was suppose to symbolize. It really bothered him enough that he needed a outlet. They were surprised as they thought they were the only ones who were lying about being here. But they both lost concentration as the councilor called Eliza Maza to talk next.

Eliza rocked out her seat and did a little jog to the podium. She tapped her fingers on the wooden podium and looked at the crowd. "So, before I start. Can I hear a number of years people here have been sober?" she asked. Looking at the councilor. The man hesitantly nodded, approving the unorthodox request. Eliza pointed to a few people. One woman confessed five years, another woman confessed seven, and one man confessed twelve years strong. The group applauded as the man raised his arms in triumph. "Wow You all are really inspiring. My name is Alonda Himes and I'm an alcoholic. My addiction is a bit different. Its more stress binge drinking. It just seems like whatever I do, there always seems to be a big imbalance in the world. I can never figure out and it makes me angry then causes me to binge. I've seen this imbalance do horrible things and it feels lonely when your the only one fighting it. So I binge and binge until I hope to get someone else to see this imbalance. But no one ever does and I just binge. Thank you." Eliza cut herself off. Feeling she was giving too much emotionally. Eliza's alcohol was her job and how corrupt it seemed to be as a detective. In the inner cities of Attica. The gangs were really making it worse for wear as they took over. The cops didn't help anyone and instead kept people quiet by abuse. She once saw the people try and protest to get their voices heard and got sprayed down with hoses. The media never even covered it. Eliza had become a detective to protect the inner cities and people of color. And because the police seemed to be bought out to do anything. She had to protect those who had to deal with the consequences.

As the crowd applauded for Eliza Maza's story. The councilor called Cassim up to start speaking. Cassim walked up skinny wooden podium and rolled his sleeves up. He had stood five steps back and looked among the faces. Taking notice of each face. Taking in the simple details of the small room with chipped, air bubbled beige paint with simple wooden floors. The folded plastic table in the back with the cheep oreos and fruit drink in plastic cups. And the one fan swinging slightly on medium speed. The room was pretty small. But instead of feeling constricting it actually felt warm. Everyone looked at him with enthusiasm to listen and heal him with hugs and good words. The natural response people wanted to do for someone in trouble. And he was definitely in trouble. It had been a good year since he came out of jail. It was for the false accusation of the murder of his wife. A set up by his boss for the offense of getting a family and falling in love. An assassin could not have any other life than that. Cassim thought he could get away with it. He was the best anyone could ask for. But he didn't have the social power that the people who put him away did. He could tell the whole justice system was set up to throw him away. The disrespect they held for his wife and kids. He had never felt such anger especially because he could never do anything about. Ten years is what he received. During his time in jail, the recreation he had received had helped him get over his anger. It was mostly acceptance of his lost. He just decided to go with the flow and blend in with society. And though he had been distracted by his new life. He had been fighting urges to go back into his old job. It really hit him when the dead body of a young woman closed by his house was getting bagged up by the coroner. The smell of the stink of death and blood brought back urges he thought he had overcome. But alas he was here hoping it would help. "Hello, My name is George Bernard; And I am a alcoholic. It caused me to lose my family and made me spend ten years in jail. It had been a year since I had come out. The recreation had helped me do well for myself. But I believe I might relapse soon. Two weeks ago, someone left a opened liquor bottle on the curb. The smell alone made my mouth water. Luckily I had to work, so I had took a double shift to distract myself. But when you deal with less than unsavory people. It can cause your urge to drink to double. It still haunts me. I never thought I could get an addiction. I feel unclean because I want to reunite with my family soon. But I have to get over this. I want them to see how much of a good father I can be. Thank you for listening." Cassim said. The audience clapped for him sharing.

The three sat there feeling a bit more lighter at their confessions. They stayed listening to the councilors generic motivation speech before heading home to deal with their addictions.
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Elisa Maza, Chico Fernando, and Cassim Al-Rashid audition
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