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 Milo Thatch and Annie Hughes Audition

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Milo Thatch


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PostSubject: Milo Thatch and Annie Hughes Audition   Fri Jun 20, 2014 1:54 pm

Dark evergreen eyes watched the young ladies dancing on the stage, getting a few whistles and clapping here and there. Her lips twitched a bit into an amused smile as she watched the girls gain so much attention just because of their beauty and sultry actions on stage.

She was glad that she never had to be one of those girls ever in her life. Annie had chosen to walk down the dark, dangerous path rather than doing what those girls were doing. Of course, she still had to use her beauty for her job. But at least she had a choice in what she did with her job. Annie had to thank the Moriarti family for that. Well mostly Joseph for that matter. Her eyes brightened a bit at thinking of her long time friend.

"Miss Annie, are you enjoying the show?" A male voice teased, pulling her attention away from the show to look at the well dressed male in front of her. The brightness in the Annie's eyes slowly dimmed, but she smiled seductively at the male.

"You might could say that. It's that just some of those dances are...a bit impressive to watch." Annie noticed one of her black spaghetti straps of her dress had been slowly falling of her shoulder due to her catching the male's downward glance. Practical, Annie thought to herself as she fixed the strap with slight pink dusting her cheeks. She mentally smirked to herself when the male's eyes glittered at seeing such a shy blush upon her cheeks.

"Very impressive, indeed." The male smirked as he tilted his head a bit at the female, his eyes expressing so much lust that it made Annie feel the need to puke. But she kept her composure as she grasped her glass delicately, holding it up slightly in front of her. "How about a toast to..." She paused for a moment on purpose before continuing with her seductive gaze holding the male's gaze, "Our lovely evening together."

The male chuckled a bit before holding up his glass. "I'll be sure to keep our lovely evening going on, my dear." He smirked before clinking his glass against hers and taking a drink. As did Annie at the same time. Annie sipped her drink; her eyes gleamed with coldness as she watched the male soon go into a coughing fit, his skin turning ghostly pale.

"I don't think that's possible, my dear." She mocked the dying male's last words before setting her drink back down on the table and standing up out of her seat in a calm fashion. These dim-witted males really were too easy to poison. At least give me a challenge, Korso. Annie thought to herself she saw that the male's body went limp after a couple of seconds.

"Well done, Annie." She glanced over in the direction, her eyes brightening at the familiar man standing a couple of feet from her table. "Milo! About time that you got here!" Annie exclaimed, strolling over to the young man, patting him on the shoulder. Milo rolled his eyes at the woman's eager greeting at him, before glancing over at the body.

"Got dolled up for this one, I see? I think I got here right at the right time." Milo pointed out, with a snide snicker. Annie huffed as she glanced over at body with a bored expression. "Yes. That one liked his girls dolled up," Annie answered, wrinkling her nose as she smoothed her dress down a bit. Milo chuckled a bit at this, tilting his head a bit.

"Don't see why he has such tastes. Nothing's wrong with natural beauty." Milo teased, winking at Annie playfully. Annie glanced back at Milo in amusement, her eyes catching the gazes that were drawn to the male. The hungry and attracted gazes belonged to a couple of the males and females at a few of the tables close to them. She sighed softly a bit in distress at seeing that Milo hadn't noticed the gazes. Sometimes the male was too dense to understand that not only was he charming, but Milo did have that certain adorableness that attracted the people to him.

It was a pity for the people with those hungry gazes since Milo wasn't sure what he liked really. Annie really hoped that someone could finally get him to understand one day. She was sure that it wasn't her. Annie raised her hand a bit before flicking the male's forehead lightly before walking towards the bar.

"Such a charmer." She teased, rolling her eyes playfully at the male. Annie sat down in one of the stools, requesting for one of her favorite drinks. "Could you be a dear, and tell Joseph that I got rid of that minor pest problem for him?" She added, glancing back over at Milo with a light smile before taking a small sip of her drink. Milo wrinkled his nose as he rubbed at his forehead, slightly pouting.

"Sure thing. I'm on my way back to see him," Milo replied, snapping his fingers which sent two guards to picking up the now dead male and wait for the male's next orders. "Any where specific for them to dump the body?" Milo asked, with a sly grin.

Annie thought for a moment, tilting her head to the side. A sly, cold smile formed upon her lips as she thought of the perfect place. "The downtown harbor seems perfect for him. That acid looking water would make anyone think that the water killed him." She answered, teasing a bit too much about the harbor water. Milo nodded in approval before nodding his head towards the guards, who carried the dead male out of the club.

"I'll probably see you soon if Korso drags my ass back here again." Milo commented with a small forced chuckled as he waved at the woman before leaving the club. Annie watched him leave with a small smile, before returning her attention to her drink. Joseph really chose well when it came to appointing people close to him.

Milo took a drag of his cigarette before sighing out softly; thin smoke flowed out of his mouth out into the cold harbor air. As much as he enjoyed visiting Annie and sitting down to have a conversation with her, Milo didn't have much patience today.

The alliance between the Moriarti family and Duster gang was beginning to take a bit of a toll on his mind and body. Also Milo had felt a bit uncomfortable in the club today although he didn't quite know why. Perhaps it was because he hadn't gotten that much sleep in the past few days. Milo was quite thankful and lucky that Korso hadn't noticed quite yet. His boss would've definitely had told him to take a break from the business for a while. Yet, Milo wasn't that much of a fan of slacking off, even though he needed the break.

When the boss finds out, Milo knew that there was going to be pretty much bickering between the two. There were times to when Milo wasn't sure to why he was still Joseph's consigliere due them butting heads so many times. But at least they did come to an agreement about the truce with the Preston Whitmore and his gang. Joseph and Milo knew that Chief Roarke was getting serious this time with dealing with the crime in Attica City.

His thoughts of the truce quickly disappeared as the cold air swiped at his jacket, sending shivers down his body. Milo cursed under his breath at the blasted cold weather for tonight, peering out at the harbor with blank eyes. He dropped his cigarette on the ground, stepping on it to snuff out it out before turning on his heel.

"Finally," Milo muttered under his breath as he started to walk towards the car, quirking an eyebrow at the guards waiting outside of it. They took their damn time with dumping that body. Slow soldiers, Milo thought as he reminded himself to tell Joseph that some of his soldiers probably needed to get re-educated a bit more. The Moriarti family didn't need incompetent, slow soldiers that took their time doing easy jobs such as dumping a body.

Milo climbed into the car as one of the guards opened the door for him before shutting it. He yawned softly before locking his gaze with the driver's gaze through the rear view mirror. "To the Moriarti mansion." Milo simply ordered before resting his head against the soft cushioned car chair. He guessed that he could rest his eyes for a bit before arriving at the mansion.
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Milo Thatch and Annie Hughes Audition
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